Being Competitive, an Introduction to Organized Contracting

Guest Speaker: Dr. James N. Phillips Jr. (The Contracting Guy)

In the Introduction to Organized Contracting, the objective is Being Competitive. Being Competitive is more that the best price or the best value, it starts with paying attention.  Organized contracting is defined as contracting performed in a predefined structure and format, whose professionals follow a defined form and format.  It is not limited to US Federal Government contracting, but any contracting performed by state, local, and public education (SLED) system.  

Research has shown that early elimination of businesses from competition is due to not paying attention to the solicitation requirements, all of the requirements.  Solicitation requirements are not just the goods or services being offered, it is also the manner in which a bid or proposal is submitted.  This introduction will shed light on these deficiencies and present strategies on how to overcome them. 

Who Should Attend: New and start up small businesses seeking to gain an edge in competitive contracting.  Also, small businesses who what to improve their competitive edge.

When: April 30, 2021

Time: 10am-11:30am

Registration Required:

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